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PODCAST | Find your SPARK, *You CAN* Start From Scratch!

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Welcome back to the Unexpected Journey ™ Podcast with @annebibb where we dive deep into the world of work, life, and human experiences. On today's episode, we are delighted to have, *Osnat Benari, Fractional CPO, Product & Leadership Coach, Speaker, & Bestselling Author*. Os has over 20 years of product management experience working for companies like Diligent, Verizon Media, WeWork, and BBG Ventures. She has been named one of the top product-led growth influencers. She serves on the advisory board for Audioburst and Computer Science at Hunter College and advocates for resilience and mental health in the workplace. Her book, Starting from Scratch is an Amazon best seller! Link: Together, we'll start from scratch with Os!

🔥 0:00 – Intro

🔥 1:58 – The moment it all changed

🔥 5:49 – Product-Led Growth Influencing

🔥 14:47 – Slack- the perfect product-led growth company

🔥 24:24 - The Spark: internal or external?

🔥 26:47– Mental Health Awareness

🔥 27:50 – Post Traumatic Growth

🔥 29:31 -- Managing Change

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