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BLOG | Remote Work - It's not going anywhere.

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

I've had enough of hearing that remote work "doesn't work" or is "on its way out." The truth is, remote work has been around for DECADES, whether it was called telecommuting, teleworking, or something else entirely. It's here to stay, and it's all about flexibility.

Remote work isn't for everyone or every organization, but it's definitely not a business killer. Companies have options: remote, hybrid, or on-premises, and so do employees in their job searches.

For those still looking for work, remember: "Your next job is one LinkedIn post away" (Gary Vaynerchuk). But be cautious: as J.T. O'Donnell revealed, a recent Wall Street Journal survey shows hiring managers sometimes post jobs they never intend to fill, creating false growth or providing false hope to overworked employees. As layoffs continue, the job market will evolve. Make wise career decisions, and remember, job security is a myth. Every job is temporary.

To help out, here's a list of remote boards, start-up boards, and more compiled by the amazing people tagged below. Please add to the list in the comments or share any open positions you have. Let's spread the word and get people hired!

Here's a list of some remote job boards:

Remote doesn’t matter, but still looking for a job? Check out this

Startup Job Boards list created by Angelo Ibarrola:

Thank you, Angelo Ibarrola, Morgan Luce and Kristin Vierra for the inspiration!

I ran out of space, but I will add more boards in the comments. If you know of others, please add them! If you have a specific job to post, please add it.

Let's support each other through these tough times. Share with your network.


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